Lisa Ann Hammond
“His Comforting Touch Music Ministry”

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The Lyrics Long ago one night, She wondered if it's right, To give her baby up inside. If she only knew, What she was about to do, Surely she'd choose life. She heard so many say, It's not a baby anyway, You can go ahead, it's your choice. But no one ever said, Love your baby instead, Or give your baby, your baby, a voice. With the morning light, There were tears in her eyes, She had listened to all the lies, She feels so confused, and so afraid too, She whispers a tearful goodbye....Goodbye On her knees beside her bed, To God she bows her head, These were the very words she said, Forgive me of my sin, help me begin again, I know for me thy blood was shed. Though she's heard so many say, It's not a baby anyway, Now she knows it's not a choice. For she has the truth today, She tells the ones who come her way, Give your baby, give your baby,give your baby a voice. Please give your baby a voice.
 This song is about abortion, I wrote it and recorded it for my album Praise His Name. Please tell people about it   The more people who hear these words, the more of a chance there will be to save a life. If it will save one baby, I know God will smile.
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Give Your Baby a Voice