Faith in the Midst of Tragedy
Lisa Ann Hammond
Special Program
“His Comforting Touch Music Ministry”

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Faith in the Midst of Tragedy
Special Singing - Lisa Ann Hammond Lisa Ann Hammond is a Christian recording artist and song writer.  Lisa Ann suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder, that causes her to have involuntary movements and vocalizations.  When her singing begins, like a miracle, the Lord’s comforting touch takes away her affliction.  She travels and sings throughout the Eastern U.S., and recently recorded her 8th album.  
Featured Speaker - Cathy Hendrick Cathy Hendrick will share her story Faith in The Midst of Tragedy.  On October 24, 2004, a plane that was on its way to the Martinsville Speedway crashed into Bull Mountain in Patrick County, Virginia.  There were no  survivors.  In that moment, Cathy lost her husband, John Hendrick, who was the President of Hendrick Motorsports, her twin daughters Jennifer and Kimberly, and her nephew, Ricky, the son of Rick Hendrick the owner of  the NASCAR team, Hendrick Motorsports.  You will be encouraged to hear how God continues to provide comfort and strength to the Hendrick Family.  Please plan to join us for this inspiring service!
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